Why studying Indian Polity is important for SSC CGL Exam?

Staff Selection Commission has released the notification for the recruitment of officers and clerks through Combined Graduate Level exam. In this exam four sections are asked, which are: English Language and Comprehension, Mathematics, Reasoning Section and General Knowledge. Under the General Knowledge section, there are many sub sections, namely, General Science, History, Geography, Political Science and Current affairs.

Why studying Indian Polity is important for SSC CGL Exam?

Through this article we are going to explain importance of Indian Polity for SSC CGL exam and why one must not skip it during the preparation for SSC CGL.

The detailed analysis of previous years question paper reveals some important facts. The year wise weightage of each section and sub section is given below to give you a fair idea.-

Section Topic 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Science Biology 6 4 8 6 8 5
Chemistry 4 4 3 9 3 6
Physics 7 6 4 3 4 5
Computer 1 2 2 2 2 4
Social Science/Static Economy 11 7 4 6 5 3
Geography 6 11 6 6 7 6
Indian History and Culture 5 6 5 6 5 5
Polity 7 5 8 4 6 7
Current Affairs Miscellaneous GK
(Includes sports, honors, awards,
current affairs, important dates)
3 5 10 8 10 9
Total 50 50 50 50 50 50

After SSC CGL 2015, the exam pattern and mode of exam was changed. The number of questions were reduced from 200 to 100 and time from 2 hrs. to 1 hr. The mode of exam changed to online from offline. The section wise weightage of SSC CGL 2016 and 2017 is given below:-

S. No. Area Unit No. of questions 2016 No. of questions 2017
1 Current Affairs & GK Current Affairs 5 6
Static GK 3 2
2 Science Biology 2 3
Chemistry 2 2
Physics 2 2
Computer Science 1 1
3 Arts Geography 4 2
History 2 2
Political Science 2 3
4 Economics Economics 2 2
    TOTAL 25 25
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The topic wise weightage of questions is given in graphical manner: –

The above analysis shows that political science plays an important role in SSC CGL exam. The candidates must cover each and every topic of political science in order to score well in General Knowledge section. The important topics are given below:-

  1. The foundation of Indian constitution

India got independence after a long struggle of 100 years. Democracy is the base of Indian constitution. The candidates must know the timeline of formation of Indian constitution and memorize all important facts. The timeline is given below:-

  • Indian Council Act 1909:- Details of act, features, shortcomings for which rejected by Indian leaders.
  • Government of India Act 1919:- Details of act, features, shortcomings for which rejected by Indian leaders.
  • Government of India Act 1935:- Details of act, features, shortcomings for which rejected by Indian leaders.  
  • Cabinet Mission 1946: – It was a vital step towards real freedom of India. Try to memorize all important leaders associated to this act and their actionable for exam point of view.
  • Drafting and finalization of Indian constitution: – The number of sittings, Important interim committees their role, head of committee, important contribution in formation of great Indian constitution.
  • Derivations in Indian Constitution: – There are many important features of Indian constitution which were derived from various constitutions of other countries. Try to memorize feature with name of country.
  • About final Indian Constitution:- In exams the questions are asked from constitution like, the number of parts, which part associated to a particular subject, about sections, about acts, about amendments in Indian constitution with number and subject on which it is based upon.
  • Important facts:- Citizenship, fundamental rights, fundamental duties, directive principals to the state governments and central governments,
  1. Personage

There are many important posts in Indian polity which holds certain powers, duties and terms of charge. In exam the questions will be asked about important personages only like Prime minister, President, Chief Minister, Governor, Judge of Supreme Court, Judge of High court, Chief justice of India, CAG, UPSC chairman, Chairman and CEO of NITI Ayog etc. Try to memorize eligibility criteria, term of service, jurisdiction, powers and duties etc. of these posts thoroughly.

  1. Houses of Indian Parliament
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Structure of Upper and Lower house of Indian parliamentary system, the number of members, their selection, eligibility criteria, terms, powers and duties etc. The divisions of powers, duties and responsibilities of center and state government, like education, medical facilities to citizens, Transport, Agriculture, Defense, Industries, Banking, Insurance, Trade, Money and capital markets etc.

  1. Emergency system in India

Types of emergencies in India and the changes in law and order while emergency is applicable, also the questions may be asked on the conditions under which emergencies can be declared in India, try to memorize all important facts about the previously declared emergencies in India, the acts related to various types of emergencies may be asked in exam.

  1. Judicial System in India

The structure of Indian Judicial system, types of courts, eligibility, selection, powers, duties and jurisdictions of a judge, i.e. Chief justice of India: Eligibility criteria to become supreme court judge in terms of age, qualifications and experience, powers and duties of supreme court judge and jurisdictions of supreme court in terms of direct subjects and appellants from lower courts. The questions may be asked on the history of Indian judicial system like who was the first chief justice of India, Where was the first High court of India inaugurated.

  1. Election Commission in India

The structure of Election Commission in India, the important posts held and eligibility, power and duties of various posts.

  1. Government Bodies of India

There are many important government bodies of India which plays vital role in the Political and Economic fronts of India. The candidates must know the important posts, current chiefs, terms, jurisdiction, and the regulatory system of that particular body. The government bodies are like, RBI, UPSC, CAG, IRDAI, SEBI, REREA, NITI AYOG, SSO, ASI, PSUs, Indian Army, etc.

  1. Political Relations with other countries
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Indian foreign policies, political and economic relations with various global groups like UN, G20, SCO, SARC, EU, etc. Most of the time, the questions on current affairs are asked in this section.

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